Thursday, January 19, 2012

7 Faces

 Im going to give my best guess on who each person is in each poster. Some are more obvious than others. To see a collage of all seven photos check out my facebook page: Aviseful 

Im really hoping I get this one right and Im going to go with this is Angelina Jolie.
He brought us the ipod and many more things. Who else could this be besides Steve Jobs.
Your guess is probably better than mine. I dont have a clue to who this may be. Madonna?
Who else but Leonard Nimoy can pull that blonde haired look.
For this one I dont know who she could be. If any one knows feel free to let me know.
R.I.P Michael Jackson
I dont know how to dance but when thriller starts playing I feel the urge to learn how to dance.
Marilyn Manson! I hate the drugs but the drugs love me!

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